» Adults: $15 per person, Haunted House Haunted Hayride Ride and Haunted Trail 15.00 Zombie Paintball 25. combo
» Children 10/under: $12 each
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Phone: 770-954-9356
Twitter: @FearTheWoods


Open Halloween Oct 31st : 7-12 am  &  Nov. 1st: 7-12 am An unusual  cycle of terrors is unlocked at night as the moon will phase in and out this coming October.  The farmer knows an October starting with a new moon will bring new spirits to the trees.  Spirits and creatures so horrible that even the animals keep away from. Unexplained occurrences and sounds keep the farm animals restless and in the barn at night.  Our farmer knows to listen and lock up before the moon rises to keep everyone safe until the moon wanes. Do you dare go out after the farmer turns off the lights? Remember……..only the trees will hear your scream……………..Haunts   OPEN Oct 3rd! Fri and Sats  7pm-12am, Sun.7:-11pm  Haunts address . 3565 North Hwy 155, Stockbridge, Ga.  Fear the Woods.Com  at Yule Forest

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Yule Forest Hwy 155

Fear the Woods is located at Yule Forest Hwy 155, which features Christmas Trees, a Pumpkin Patch, Landscape Trees, Blueberry Picking, Horse Boarding and more! For full information and details, please visit